Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we want to improve mathematics education for all pupils.

The reason we are on this mission is also simple: being mathematically literate transforms a life.

Mathematical competence is the foundation for being able to lead an autonomous and rewarding adult life. Being mathematical means being able to overcome challenges and navigate through life with purpose.

All children have the potential to become mathematical. All children have the potential to leave school intellectually equipped to be successful.

Complete Mathematics exists to help those potentials be realised. As a team committed to achieving this, we know there is the need to have an impact in two areas of pupils’ lives – when they are in school and have the benefit of a teacher and when they are away from school and have the chance to learn independently. We therefore want to:

Increase the efficacy of mathematics teachers

We help teachers of mathematics become increasingly impactful. We do this by bringing teachers together regularly and creating a purposeful environment for them to share and learn from each other and, crucially, learn from the very best evidence available on what makes for effective mathematics teaching and learning. We are playing our part in building a truly supportive professional community of teachers, so that all teachers of mathematics want to strive to continually improve their mathematics pedagogical content knowledge.

Give all pupils access to impactful supplementary mathematics education

We help pupils to take their mathematics further or to address gaps in their knowledge by making available to all pupils the advantages of individual, highly personalised tuition. We do this by providing universally affordable access to our Digital Mathematics Tutor, which acts just like a teacher, responding in real time to a pupil’s real needs. We can do this because we have thought carefully about every possible connection in mathematics and how pupils mature mathematically. Ours is the only technology in the world capable of truly achieving the benefits of a real tutor. Our supplementary education has no barriers to entry – all pupils, from all backgrounds can benefit. If geography, personal technology or home circumstances get in the way, we will overcome those blockers for pupils. If a pupil does not have the means to pay for our services, we will fund it for them.

Come work with us!

If you are up for helping us to help millions of children around the world have the best possible educational experience, then we'd love to hear from you.

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