Autograph Video Tutorials

from Mr Barton Maths






Combined Transformations

Edit Axes

Christmas Special

Measuring Angles

Working with Raw Data

Working with Raw Data - Part 2

Working with Raw Data - Part 3

Working with Raw Data - Part 4

Valentines Day Special

Working with Grouped Data

Working with Grouped Data - Part 2

Circle Theorems

Angle at the Centre Theorem

Angle at the Centre Theorem - Twist!

Cyclic Quadrilateral

Animation Special

Angles in the Same Segment

>Alternate Segment Theorem

Two Tangents Theorem

Easter Special

Straight Line Graphs

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

The Gradient Tool

Scatter Diagrams

Finding the Line of Best Fit

Vectors in 2D

More Vectors in 2D

Autograph in 3D

Cubes and Euler!

Pythagoras and Trigonometry in 3D

Planes of Symmetry

Reflections and Rotations in 3D

Extras - Dice Simulation

Extras - Monte Carlo Method

Extras - Trigonometry

Biased Dice & Balls in a Bag

Dice and the Binomial

Coins and the Geometric Distribution

Graphing Quadratics


Tangents and the Gradient Function

Integration - Area Under a Curve

Further Integration

Volume of Revolution Introduction

Volume of Revolution Formula

Further Volumes of Revolution

Fitting Functions to Data

Creating Worksheets

Creating Number Lines

Transformation of Functions

Transformation of Functions 2

Follow the Point

Hiding Things!

The Keyboard

Importing Images


Circle Through 3 Points

Line Symmetry in Rectangles

Line Symmetry in Quadrilaterals

Matrix Transformations

Leap Frog Puzzle

Quadrilateral Puzzle

Pizza Puzzle

Trig and Pythag - Part 1

Trig and Pythag - Part 2

Trig and Pythag - Part 3

Find the Line