The Government of Jersey partners with Complete Mathematics to provide online tuition to all families of Government of Jersey schools.

Thursday, 14 July 2022

Jersey pupils are using Complete Maths’ online tuition program TUTOR to identify and address gaps in their understanding of mathematics as a result of pandemic disruption. The Government of Jersey has made this provision available to all families of Government of Jersey schools.

The partnership between the Government of Jersey and Complete Mathematics exemplifies the country’s commitment to providing an outstanding education for all pupils. Through TUTOR, Complete Mathematics’ online tuition platform, Jersey pupils have access to experts in teaching mathematics at each development stage from basic counting through to advanced calculus: a comprehensive and coherent journey through mathematics education up to and including Further Mathematics A-level.
Parents are able to oversee their children’s activity and support them to engage effectively with TUTOR, and even learn maths alongside their children. Children using TUTOR earn ‘experience points’ and awards by interacting with the platform with positive learning behaviours. For example, watching videos earns them the ‘Binge Watcher’ award, whilst completing ‘Readiness’ quizzes earns them the ‘Be Prepared’ award. Readiness is a key part of Complete Mathematics’ pedagogical approach, that is, first securing pupils’ understanding of the mathematics that precedes the concept they are about to learn.

The two-year arrangement forms part of the Government of Jersey’s post-COVID schools catch-up programme, initially expecting to target up to 3,300 pupils from groups particularly disadvantaged by school closures with tuition. However, through this partnership with Complete Mathematics, all families within Government of Jersey schools benefit. Moreover, the Government of Jersey intends to host a Complete Mathematics ‘MathsConf’ conference, extending the benefit of this partnership to the professional development of their teachers of mathematics.

Séan O’ Regan, Director of Education, said: “We know that COVID is having an ongoing impact on students’ learning, and we have already launched a range of additional support for students and staff, including small-group tutoring and additional training.

“TUTOR will be a valuable addition to our toolkit: it will allow individual students to take part in tailored, self-directed learning that identifies and improves the areas they need to work on. It will also support teaching staff as they further develop their whole-class teaching.”

Thousands of children in the UK are now accessing personalised expert tuition through TUTOR. Complete Mathematics’ mission is to provide affordable access to tuition, regardless of a child’s economic circumstance. The benefits to pupils are clear - click here to hear how schools support the use of TUTOR by their pupils to make increased progress in mathematics.

About Complete Mathematics

Complete Mathematics, trading name of La Salle Education Ltd., was founded in 2013 to support teachers of mathematics. Through its maths conferences and online CPD platform, they are the largest trainer of maths teachers in the UK. In 2021, Complete Maths launched trials of TUTOR, its ‘digital tutor’ product, attracting a large initial user base. TUTOR’s intelligent technologies alongside its comprehensive and high-quality content offers online tuition at a genuinely affordable price.

About Government of Jersey

The island of Jersey is located 85 miles south of England. A British Crown Dependency, Jersey is self-governing and independent from the UK. The Government of Jersey’s Children, Young People, Education and Skills (CYPES) department serves over 10,000 pupils in Government of Jersey schools.

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