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Written by Abbie Brownlie Thursday, 26 March 2020

During this ongoing period of disruption in education, pupils and teachers have been working incredibly hard to keep on track.

Teachers and schools have done an incredible job with the support and provision they put in place in an exceptionally short time under remarkably challenging circumstances.

Our school support team have published a series of short training videos to show exactly how the Complete Mathematics platform can be used by both teachers and students to maximise the impact of blended learning.

This includes episodes on:

  1. Adding Pupils
  2. Lesson Planning
  3. Assigning Work
  4. Times Table Practice
  5. Remote Quizzes
  6. The Pupil App
  7. Accessing Support

Find out more about Complete Mathematics subscription with a demo from one of our team!

You can watch the whole ‘Using Complete Mathematics for Remote Learning’ playlist here!

Adding Pupils

A video covering how to easily add pupils to the platform, the generation of their login details for school and home access, as well as how your pupils log in.
Remember, you get unlimited, free pupil accounts with a Complete Mathematics subscription!

Lesson Planning

This video will show you how to create daily maths lessons from school or home, with appropriate support materials, resources and tutorial videos (including how to add your own). Plus, how your pupils can access these planned lessons on the platform, be it in the lesson or remotely.

Assigning Work

This talkthrough video will cover assigning content for your classes as both classwork and homework and your ability to do that from school or at home. While also taking a look at how pupils can access and interact with this assigned work, including: submission, adding their reflections, and asking you questions!

Times Table Practice

In this video you will see how pupils can take daily times tables quizzes with multiple representation of times table facts. Then find out how teachers can track progress and see their pupil's progression.

Remote Quizzes

This video will show you how to create informed, automatically marked, low-stakes quizzes based on your planning. See how pupils find and complete their assigned quizzes online and the opportunities for independent work via their results analysis view, either at home or in class.

The Pupil App

This video provides your pupils with a walkthrough of how exactly they can use the Complete Maths platform. This video is made to be shared directly with your pupils, which will show them where to find upcoming lessons, their assignments and quizzes that are due. Using the timetable to explore past and future lessons, and the quiz results page.

Accessing Support

We will discuss where to find our knowledge base, using the platform support hub, and other available sources of support.

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