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Friday Evening, 19th August 2022

Join thousands of primary, secondary and higher maths teachers from across the world.

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The Complete Mathematics Conference is the UK's largest Mathematical Teacher conference, bringing together thousands of maths teachers each year, from primary, secondary, and higher to collaborate and learn from each other.

MathsConfOnline is the perfect way to end the working week with easily digestible mathematics wisdom from educators around the globe, plus you get to keep you Saturday clear for whatever you want! (perhaps nursing a sore head from the post-conf virtual meet up)

Workshops are delivered by expert maths teachers from all across the world, who have a voice, and want to share their love of maths (this could be you!).

To keep these virtual conference experiences as true as possible to our face to face conferences, throughout the day, we will have many different speakers running workshops at the same time, so you can pick the workshops that specifically relate to you. But fear not! The recordings of the entire conference will be available, for you to catch up on any you miss!

Layout of the day (Times are BST)

  • 19:00 - Assembly

    Welcome and introduction, Mark McCourt, Chief Executive, Complete Mathematics
  • 19:10 - Period 1

  • 20:10 - Period 2

  • 21:10 - Period 3

  • 22:05 - Graduation

    Conference Ends
  • 22:10 onwards - After party

    Join the after party to top the evening off with our traditional Friday Night Drinks.


Want to present a workshop?

MathsConf is all about educators learning from each other, sharing what they've learnt in their classrooms or through their research. We welcome MathsConf workshops on a variety of topics from a variety of presenters - from primary to FE and beyond. Whether this will be your first time presenting or your tenth click the button below to get the ball started.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns about presenting send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us on twitter.

Unravelling Knots With Dots: Visualising Mathematics With Lego


In this workshop I offer ways to consider modelling mathematics by visualising some mathematical processes and objects using Lego dots, seeing what the limitations and advantages of this kind of visualisation might be.

Lucy Rycroft-Smith @honeypisquared

Lucy is a researcher, writer and designer studying for her PhD at the University of Cambridge. She was a maths teacher for ten years across primary, secondary and higher education and is the editor and author of several books, articles and research papers on mathematics education and education more widely.

Developing Essential Inquiry Skills Using Autograph Maths


As Mathematics educators, we are responsible for teaching transferrable lifelong inquiry skills to our students through various open-ended and guided tasks that involve investigative, problem solving, and modeling-based activities. During the workshop, we will explore endless possibilities of such activities using Autograph maths.

Jalaj Chaturvedi @djalaj

As an experienced educator, currently, Curriculum Leader (Mathematics), and TOK instructor in an international school in Indonesia, Jalaj enjoys taking maths out of the class and bringing the world into the class. In the classroom, as a subject teacher, he has a very strong passion and commitment towards his students and he takes every opportunity to embed this in his teaching and find ways to make the classroom environment and lessons stimulating and exciting. He always aims to make his class inclusive and provide equal opportunities for all where each member of the class can be heard and feel valued. He believes that learning happens in and out of the class room, hence, students should use every possible opportunity to develop skills to become lifelong learners, and technology play an important role in this process. He is also an examiner and IA moderator for International Baccalaureate,Cambridge International Examination, and Pearson Ed Excel. His interests include photography, cooking, vlogging, and exploring new places.

Mathematical Diary of Various Thinking Approaches


There are myriad challenges that students face to solve any Mathematical problem. Logic is always simple that is why we call it logic then what can be done to overcome come the hurdle in basic thinking. An effective procedural thinking at primary and middle school level that gets to the heart of knowing and responding to all of our learners that most complex problems may also have the simple solution. Sheetal Javeri will address various thinking approaches that facilitate Mathematical thinking.

Sheetal Javeri @Sheetaljaveri

Sheetal Javeri facilitates mathematical thinking as a Math specialist at an international school in Bombay and is the poineer for initiating Computational thinking and Inverse thinking in mathematics in IBPYP schools. Her article has also been published on IBPYP sharing blog. She has also presented her work at several international schools and organizations in India. She is also called as a speaker at La Scuola International School, San Francisco and Cunae International School, Texas. She has a master's degree in advance accountancy and Mathematical thinking certification from Stanford online.


Post conference (virtual) Meet up

It's a MathsConf tradition for delegates arriving on Friday to meet up at a local bar. As MathsConfMini is on a Friday, we thought why not run this as a post-conf meet up instead!

Join us on Friday night from 10pm via webinar for as little or as long as you like, for a Quiz, Bingo, Puzzles, and more!

Macmillan Cancer Raffle

As with all of our conferences, we want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to contribute to worthy cause! We will be running a raffle, with all proceeds going to the Macmillan Cancer Support.

We will also be donating all profits from conference ticket sales to Macmillan Cancer Support!

Treasure Hunt

In the virtual bag you will find a collection of mathematical questions that you need to solve, with each question labelled with a greek letter. Solve the questions, and using our cipher, convert the greek letters to give you a mathematical word. If you get the correct word, you will be entered into a prize draw and be in with a the chance of winning an Amazon Fire Tablet.

Event Location

#MathsConfOnline, following the success of our previous virtual conferences (#MathsConf23, #MathsConf24, #MathsConfMini, #MathsConf25, #MathsConf26 and #MathsConfMini2) will be taking place virtually! So you can sit back in the comfort of your own home, join us online, and enjoy an evening listening to your fellow educators share their ideas, thoughts and innovations.

Your Comments from previous #MathsConfs


In the 59 years I've been on the planet, #mathsconf23 has been the best day of maths ed I've ever experienced. Thank you so much, one and all! Still on a high...


Amazing day, especially since I live overseas and can't attend these when they are in person events. The variety and quality of presentations is very impressive. The whole set up of the day was excellent, easy to move through the day and between sessions.

Thank you for an amazing day #mathsconf23 I have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment and have learnt an awful lot. Great work.

The Ongar Academy

Thank you @LaSalleEd for a customarily slick and professionally-run virtual #MathsConf23–right up there with normal events. Brilliant day hearing loads of interesting stuff.


Some of the best professional learning you can get at an unbelievable price. Thank you for organising.

Chris Williams
Sir Christopher Hatton Academy

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