All pupils can access the benefits of personalised 1-to-1 tuition.

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TUTOR is the most complete online maths learning platform.

  • Specific to the pupil (personalised)
  • Delivered by a maths pedagogical expert
  • Informed by current attainment & misunderstandings
  • Properly complementing school learning
  • Able to cover any aspect of mathematics (responsive)
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TUTOR is a one-to-one intervention.

There are no small groups, which means every single pupil is on a truly personalised course, designed specifically to address their needs and help them to build firm foundations for school learning.
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TUTOR is for everyone.

  • Responds precisely to pupil needs and takes them on a personal journey
  • Whatever level of maths, whatever the school type (primary, secondary, FE, workplace, offender, etc), pupils get pinpointed support at the right level, helping to move on.
  • Allows pupils to learn anything from counting to calculus
  • Is available for unlimited tutoring time from just £1 per week
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TUTOR is designed for memorable learning.

  • Content is delivered by expert maths teachers with years of experience and a deep understanding of pupil pedagogy
  • The pedagogical and didactical approaches at the heart of TUTOR are rigorous and deliberately designed
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TUTOR helps teachers.

  • Provides real time analysis & reports
  • Indicates progress and level of maths, as well as identifying gaps in knowledge
  • Gives teachers what they need to support classroom learning
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TUTOR believes that every child has mathematical potential.

  • We do not accept the oft held belief that some pupils cannot be successful in maths. Yes they can, every one of them.
  • Being mathematical is not the result of some gift or innate talent or genetic fluke. It is the result of a high quality educational experience.
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If you share our belief that high quality, personalised tuition which supports classroom learning is the right of ALL pupils, please sign up to attend one of the discussion webinars in the coming months.