Secondary Ready in Mathematics

No need to fall behind in mathematics – get ‘Secondary Ready’ this summer holiday with this expertly delivered course containing all the fundamental knowledge you’ll need to be really successful at secondary school.

essential mathematical concepts

The course will cover some of the key primary mathematics concepts and ensure pupils are ready for secondary school.

Mix of video tutoring, activities, and quizzes.

Our ‘Secondary Ready’ course contains nearly 7 hours of video content, mixed with dozens of worksheets, activities, reviews tasks and self-marking quizzes. You can watch the course as many times as you like, giving you all you need to boost your maths skills.

Our full ‘Secondary Ready’ course is just £20 and accessible anytime, anywhere – the ideal way to prepare for going back to school.

View the full Curriculum breakdown via the link above, or see the general overview below.


Number - 1
Place value: Understanding the system play_circle_filled 1.1.1
Place value: Understanding the System - Worksheet text_snippet 1.1.1
Place value: Understanding the system - Solutions play_circle_filled 1.1.1
Place value: Different bases 1.2
Place value: Comparing numbers 1.3
Calculations - 2
Mental Addition strategies 2.1
Mental Subtraction strategies 2.2
Mental Multiplication strategies 2.3
Mental Division strategies 2.4
Order of operations. 2.5
Review and Challenge (Calculations in different bases) RC1
Understanding Fractions - 3
Idea of fractions 3.1
Improper fractions and mixed numbers 3.2
Equivalent fractions 3.3
Comparing fractions 3.4
Fractions of quantities 3.5
Tenths, Hundredths and Thousandths - 4
Decimal place values 4.1
Fractions and Decimals 4.2
Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 4.3
What are percentages 4.4
Percentages of quantities 4.5
Review and Challenge RC2
Ratio - 5
The idea of ratio 5.1
Relationship between ratio and fractions 5.2
Equivalent ratios and simplest form 5.3
Sharing unequally 5.4
Shape and Space - 6
Angles 6.1
Perimeter 6.2
Area of squares and rectangles 6.3
Area of triangles 6.4
Volumes of cubiods 6.5
Introduction to Algebra - 7
Variables 7.1
Substitution 7.2
Simple equation 7.3
Review and Challenge RC3